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When starting to source furniture pieces for clients I always get the following question: Should I be investing in this piece? Today I will break down the main furniture pieces I recommend my clients invest in.

The piece you should invest in varies from room to room. It will be determined by the use you give each room, your lifestyle, and your budget. This guide will work for most projects just make sure you evaluate your particular situation, wants, and needs.

Deciding which pieces you should invest in should definitely be tied to a budget for the space you are redoing. Having a budget for the work you want to do is key because it can help you figure out the places where you have some room to splurge on or if some design decisions need to be postponed and worked in phases.

I’ve put a budget checklist together for you guys that will help you detail all the items that need to be bought and/or need to get done so that you can make sure that you put together an accurate budget. Grab it by clicking the button below.


Keep on reading for the detailed explanation of the three pieces I advise my clients to make the extra investment in, in order to make sure they get the use and  the impact their space deserves.


The bed, your mattress, and your sheets are one of the most important places where you should really invest in. Remember that if the average person sleeps 8 hours a day that means that we spend one third of our day in bed, so make sure that you have THE perfect bedroom setup.

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom so the design and durability of the piece should be given extra importance. The bed needs to be able to stand the test of time not only should it last you a long time but the design needs to be able to change with you as your style preferences changes.

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Studio Ilse / Ezequiel Farca / Meg Lonergan

When the time comes to pick a mattress the amount of options available can be overwhelming: innerspring mattress, hybrid mattress, waterbed, foam mattress, pillow top mattress, gel mattress, air bed, memory foam mattress, latex mattress, and adjustable mattress.

See what I mean? It’s important that when you are trying to narrow down your options you try them in your sleeping position! This is the key!

How many of you only sit down at the edge of the bed, or simply lie down face up like a mummy?  You have to lie on the mattress in the store for at least 10 minutes, make sure you are able to get comfortable but most important of all in YOUR sleeping position!

When choosing bed sheets make sure you touch the material and feel it out, there are also tons of options but different materials will feel and look different. The material you chose will vary depending on your sleeping preferences in terms of room temperature and softness that you are looking for.

Thread count is another important thing to consider when buying sheets. The thread count of your sheets is the number of threads that are woven together per square inch. A higher thread count means a softer and more durable material.


A good sofa is the anchor of any living room and one of the places where we spent the most time in. The style of the piece and the durability are key factors to take into consideration.

interior cravings - investment pieces in interior design sofa

D-RAW / Brian Paquette / Ezequiel Farca / Sophie Paterson

Remember that getting a sofa with neutral lines, and a clean design will ensure that you won’t get tired of the style. I would avoid investing in a sofa that is too trendy, remember that trends come and go and you don’t want to invest in a piece that will feel dated in a couple of months or years.

Keep this in mind also when choosing fabrics for your sofa, they should be durable and work for your house and your lifestyle. Lets say you are a looking for a sofa for a family room and you have three kids, you should try to stay away from fabrics that stain easily, or colors that show every single detail no matter how much you love the sofa.


The dining room table is one of those pieces in your house that gets used in many of ways: for eating, for talking, for homework, for projects, for cooking, for special occasions, as a buffet table, as a home office; in other words, the uses are endless.

interior cravings - investment pieces in interior design dining table

Piet Boon / Jesse Turek / Croma Design

Make sure you go for a piece that will be able to accommodate itself to your lifestyle and serve every single purpose you need to get out of the table..

A piece that is the mix of traditional and modern is the perfect option for me, because you can change it completely by changing the dining chairs and it won’t fall into trendy looks that I try to avoid with investment pieces.


This post is meant to serve as a guide on the key pieces I consider worth investing in and the advice I give my clients. Remember in the end it’s all about the budget you have available and also the pieces that you have available when redoing a room.

There is no need to go out and buy every single piece mentioned in the post, put your priorities in order and stick to it. When my husband and I were putting together our house the first investment we made was our mattress and two sets of good bed sheets.

This was a priority for us, so make sure you evaluate your priorities and work around them.

We had a bare house for months while we found the perfect pieces at the perfect prices and filled our house up that way, everyone has a different experience when putting together their houses but make sure you do it in an educated way.

Just make sure you have a budget of what you have available to work with and stick to it, this way decisions will be made from a smart and informed position which is always important.

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Now let’s get a conversation started in the comments and tell me what is at the top of your list of investment worthy home decor pieces.

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