Hi! I'm Anna Mae

I’m here to give you all the necessary tools so that you can dream and create your own beautiful home.

Get over the overwhelm and create a plan to achieve your dream space.

Do you know that we spend 87% of our lives indoors?

The impact design has in our lives is huge! Interior spaces have the power to affect how we feel, change our moods, motivate, and inspire us.

This is where I come in by putting together inspiration, tips, and tools you can use to create YOUR dream space.

The fact that we spend so much time indoors makes it completely normal to find yourself dreaming about beautiful spaces, that perfect bedroom, that kid friendly family room, that stunning home office that will boost your productivity or simply crave some design inspiration.

Well you’re in the right place!

My corner of the internet is right for you if you are looking for…

  • Spaces to inspire and motivate you to putting a little love into your house
  • Ideas of what you want your perfect space to be
  • Guidance on what you should and shouldn’t do design wise
  • Tools and resources to help you in your design path

I’m an architect and interior designer with more than sixteen years of experience helping creating dream spaces for my clients.

I have created Interior Cravings with the intention of making it THE one stop place for you to find inspiration, tips, and tools so that you too can create your own beautiful spaces.

Want to know a little bit more about me?

I’m the mother of three boys that make my world spin, I’m a notebook lover, pen and pencil hoarder, list maker, color scheme maker, coloring book aficionado coffee addict

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interior cravings 24 neutral paint colors blog

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by all the paint color options?

Tired of not knowing where to start when choosing paint colors?

Then grab a copy of my FREE guide to my favorite 24 NEUTRAL PAINT COLORS.

It’s the perfect starting point when you’re looking to paint the walls in a space in your home, it includes swatches and paint names for my favorite neutrals.