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I bet I’m not the only one that forgets to recognize when we do or achieve something, no matter how small or how big only because something new always comes up and our achievements get put to a side. It’s time we stop this behavior and make the time to celebrate the small achievements and encourage ourselves.

Today I decided to stop for a minute and celebrate my small achievements. Why? because I put a lot of really hard work onto a couple of things and I really like the way it turned out, that’s why. So before jumping back on the posting bandwagon I just wanted to pat myself in the back for these things on which I have been working really hard since mid-October, the 20th to be exact the day of my last post I decided to rebrand and change my site. You will notice these changes:

  • I have rebranded the site
    • I changed my images format, sizes and styles and had to figure out the look I really wanted for the site
  • I created a free pdf file for you with 35 free interior design tips and tricks
    • I made sure it’s filled with really good tips for you, not trying to sell you anything. Feel free to download it by going HERE if you don’t like it feel free to unsubscribe. I’m sure you will find something useful there.

This changes have really taken me some time, not only because I wanted to make the site speak my voice but also because I wanted to make the site more appealing for you. I have been eating up blog related sites and Facebook groups and have really come across some gems that have really help me feel guided and know what I was working towards.

I’m not a graphic designer, and I’m also on a really tight budget so this was all done by me. I realize these things can probably take a professional barely anytime but you know how it is between the second guessing every design option put together and then actually perfecting it it really took me some time. But that’s ok that was MY process, it got me thinking a lot and it showed me all of the options I had to explore.

I almost just continued working on the site and on my content but that’s when I realized that I had just achieved a big project and it was going to be treated as nothing, so here are three tips to help you remember to celebrate the small achievements and help you recognize them:

  1. Set goals for yourself, big and small
    • This way you can keep track of the actual things you get done. I mentioned on a previous post my love if checking things off my to do list.
    • This keeps you motivated and it can really help you through those rough patches.
  2. Finished something? Celebrate it!
    • It doesn’t matter how big or small, you don’t have to go out and by yourself something take 5 minutes reward yourself with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, whatever is a reward for you.
    • I find myself constantly celebrating achievements my kids make, even the smallest ones, why not celebrate my own?
  3. Don’t be afraid to let the world know you did it!
    • This is exactly what I’m doing here. Letting you all know I did it, I finished something that was important for me and also relevant to you and how you view my site. don’t forget to brag a little, you are allowed to.

I made this image thinking of all us who need that extra reminder to celebrate the small achievements: feel free to download it, print it, share it, pin it, tweet it, Share it! Encourage other people but most important of all encourage yourself, be your personal cheerleader!

celebrate the small achievements interior cravings pin

That got me thinking that maybe a work and blog related category might be useful for all of you out there that are just starting out on this blog or design journey and would like some input from someone who has also been there and is there, I mean this site is sooooo new still that it might be a good idea to document my journey.

After all of that hard work I’m now on vacation with my family enjoying my kids to the fullest and trying to spend as much quality time with each of them before the baby gets here because I know when that happens things are going to be kind of hectic for a while.

I have new posts on the table that are getting worked on when we get back to the hotel every night but I won’t put out crappy content just to post so just keep an eye out on my social media if you don’t want to keep checking the site constantly and you will know as soon as my posts are up.

Here are my social media links:

I would love to hear your feedback on the redesign!


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