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Let's make it beautiful. Let's Make it Yours!

Your wants and needs + my experience.

Do you know that we spend 87% of our lives indoors?

The fact that we spend so much time indoors makes it completely normal to find yourself dreaming about beautiful spaces: that perfect bedroom, that kid friendly family room, that stunning home office that will boost your productivity or simply wanting to upgrade your living spaces.

I’ve put together an online Design Services package that is 

THE ANSWER to your design woes.

 Through my online Design Services I create a personalized design for that space in your house that you’ve been dreaming about updating. 

The result is a stunning and livable room that fits YOUR lifestyle.

If you are looking for a hassle free way to get a 

stunning livable home that fits in with 

YOUR lifestyle then you’re in the right place.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about updating your home for a while but find yourself:

  • Unsure about where to start
  • Overwhelmed about the design process
  • Hesitating when it comes to making choices
  • Wanting to be able to visualize the end result
  • Wishing there was an easier way to get a beautiful space

Ready to get YOUR beautiful space?

How does it work?


Ready to start your project?

The design package includes

Ready to start your project?

Design impacts our lives in unlimited ways. 

Interior spaces have the power to affect how we feel, change our moods, motivate, and inspire us.

A well designed space has the power to transform the way we work and live.

This is where I come in by putting together a personalized design, so that you too can have that dream space that is a true reflection of your needs and wants.

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Hi! I’m Anna Mae Patton 

I’m here to help you create and put together your dream space. A beautiful home that is a reflection of your style and fits in with your lifestyle and your needs.

Simple. Convenient. Personalized.

I will personally take care of the design of your room. This means that you are working with an architect and interior designer that has more than sixteen years of experience putting together dream spaces for her clients.

I’ve decided to offer my design services online in order to help more people get the space they’ve been dreaming of.

Ready to start your project?

pricing by room


$ 600


$ 400


$ 600


$ 400


$ 500


$ 400

Ready to start your project?


Once we have received all of the information from your client homework package the design of the room takes 7 days.

All of the designs will be send via email in pdf format.

The design services package DOES NOT include the delivery of any physical goods or furniture.

The client questionnaire and the inspiration images that are part of the Client Design Kit will give us a clear idea of the style you are looking for in your space.

It’s very important that you are accurate when taking the measurements of your space. We work with the information and measurements that you send us, so please make sure to follow the instructions in the How to Measure My Space workbook.

You do your own purchasing from the Shopping Source List provided with your design.

You may receive a refund before the design process begins for your space. Once we have begun working on the design of your project no refunds can be offered.

Follow up questions via email are included in every online design services package for a period of 7 business days from the date the final design package is delivered.

This follow-up question time period can be extended by 7 business day increments at an additional cost to be agreed upon in writing and payed upfront.

Additional revisions beyond the one revision included in the design services package are available at an additional cost of $100 per hour.

Ready to start your project?