enchanted islands by allison amend book review

I gave Enchanted Islands by Allison Amend 3/5 stars in Goodreads, I’ll explain more about the Goodreads rating system in a little so keep reading. The book was good, I liked it, it explored some themes which I really enjoyed.

The main character in Enchanted Islands is Frances Frankowski, Fanny, and we follow her through a large span of her life while she tells us her story. We meet Rosie her best friend and Ainsley her husband who are the characters who let the author explore the themes of relationships, feelings, jealousy, friendship, marriage, secrets and identity.

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The thing I liked the most about this book is the way it explores relationships and personal feelings in a way that I was really able to relate to and felt myself drawn to.

The different types of  relationships is the main thread that we can feel being explored in the novel, and how they are affected by the secrets we keep from ourselves and from others.

Secret – something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

Secrets and why we keep them, and how sometimes we even keep secrets from ourselves is another theme that I could see being explored and really enjoyed.

I tend to rate books initially as soon as I’m done with them, and I tend to browse my read books and go over ratings and sometimes I find myself changing them (going up or down – usually down) because the impact of the story is just gone. I find this happens mostly when I’m impressed by an ending. The Goodreads star rating system to which  I adhere is as follows

  • 1 star – didn’t like it
  • 2 star – it was ok
  • 3 star – liked it
  • 4 star – really liked it
  • 5 star – it was amazing

The thing with books is that sometimes it isn’t the book it’s just that the timing was off for me to read it, and maybe this was my issue with this book because when I think about it in retrospect, I finished the book August 12, I can see and identify all the things that were right with it but still I don’t find myself thinking about changing my rating even though it did affect me emotionally and me analyze and think about some deep issues.

Would I recommend Enchanted Islands? Yes, but this book isn’t for everybody so I would have to really know the person to recommend it.

If you have read this book let talk about it, or let me know if there is a most read book that you would like to talk about.

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enchanted islands by allison amend - book review



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