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Marcheeta 1 by McClean Design is a single family home in Los Angeles, California. The main goal for this project was to maximize the use of the terrain and make the most of the views by making the house open up to the exterior spaces.



By making the house open up by using large operable walls not only incorporates the views completely into the house but it also fills the house with natural light. Linear skylights were also incorporated into the design to maximize the amount of natural light. The use of glass throughout the house can feel really cold but by using wood ceilings throughout the space they bring a warm element that brings perfect balance to the space.



The main living area consists of an open space which contains the living room, dining room, kitchen, and an entertainment area off of the kitchen, with all the spaces maximizing the exposure they have to the outside terrace.




I’m a big fan of the way the kitchen islands side were covered in the same material as the countertop, like they did with this kitchen, because it anchors the island into the space and is also a sleek, clean and modern look which I favor in kitchens. The use of built in elements in the same color as the cabinetry, like was done in the black cabinet wall with the ovens, makes the appliances go unnoticed which goes with the modern feel of the house.


The main bathroom with its linear skylight, the free standing tub, the mirrored walls, and black elements were made to make the stunning marble slabs that were matched in the floors to stand out. The floor in this bathroom is probably my favorite design detail in the whole house, and don’t get me wrong I love every single element of this house, but the floor is just that impressive.


The terrain in which Marcheeta 1 is built slops back in two directions, so to maximize the use of the terrain McClean Design worked a basement entertainment area complete with sitting area and bar that opens up completely into an outdoor patio area that will make you crave a space like this in your own house.



I would love to hear your thoughts on this house! And if your were left craving more stunning images of this house you can also visit the Marcheeta 1 project page on the architects page that I link here.


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