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The Opera Software offices by Mode:Lina are the perfect example of how to introduce a theme into your design in a way that doesn’t feel overdone. Opera Software is the creator of the popular Opera web browser, even though they are Norwegian when Mode:Lina was working on the design they incorporated many elements that made reference to the Wroclaw, Poland  location.

The reception area with its clean open spaces incorporates modern industrial elements that identify the technology theme of the offices.  The polished concrete floor has inlaid hexagon mosaics that look like area rugs and bring a little warmth into the space along with the use of wood.

opera software offices wroclaw by modelina-reception


The eating area, that can also double as a larger meeting room, also incorporates the hexagon shape into its floor design and also in the shape of the tables. When the hexagon tables come together to form one big table the way the geometry allows them to unite helps form some semi-private spaces in the table even though you’re in one big table.

opera software offices wroclaw by modelina-eating area

The kitchenettes throughout the 43,055 square feet office space also incorporate many design elements that bring the Wroclaw theme into the design: through pergolas, arches, floral patterned tile, and the use of colors.

opera software offices wroclaw by modelina-cafeteria 5

opera software wroclaw by modelina-cafeteria-2-1

opera software offices wroclaw by modelina-cafeteria-3

opera software wroclaw by-modelina-cafeteria-1

The meeting rooms are one of my favorite spaces because they all have completely different looks but are super creative and incorporate technological elements in the design which keep in line with the overall theme of the design.

opera software offices wroclaw by modelina-meeting room 5

opera software offices wroclaw by modelina-meeting room 1

opera software offices wroclaw by modelina-meeting room 3

opera software offices wroclaw by modelina-meeting room 2

It was really hard for me to narrow down which pictures to feature in the post, so if you like what you see don’t forget to go to Mode:Lina’s website and look at the tons of pictures of Opera Software office space available for you to satisfy that interior craving.

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Let me know what is your favorite element of the design.

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opera offices by modelina meeting room inspiration

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