PRIORITIZE YOURSELF – 5 tips to get you started

prioritize yourself 5 tips to get you started

In today’s hectic, nonstop world it can be hard to prioritize yourself. This needs to stop! You have to take action and make sure that you prioritize yourself because if you don’t prioritize yourself nobody will.

You have to know your needs, your wants, your desires, your triggers, you have to always keep remind themselves that your needs and wants are valid. If you don’t do this you end up just living through the motions and when you realize it you are in a rut, unhappy, and feeling lost.

5 tips I can give you, to get you on the right track are:

  • Make sure you take the time that is needed to evaluate your feelings, your wants, your desires, your triggers, the things that drive you crazy, and the things that make you happy. You have to know yourself in order to work towards your fulfillment, you can’t work towards something if you don’t know what you want.
  • Don’t feel guilty for wanting to change things in your life to accommodate your needs or wants. Wanting something doesn’t mean you can immediately go out and get it, depending on what it is you may have to postpone or plan better for it but validate your desires.
  • Remember that it’s OK to say no. We can’t possibly do everything. You can ask for help. We have our responsibilities and we need to adhere to them, but we need to now that we can’t take everything on and expect immediate results. You have to know and honor your boundaries to that others will.
  • Make lists. Write things down. This helps in two big ways:
    • It helps keep yourself accountable for the things you want and set out to do
    • It helps you plan in a way that doesn’t feel so overwhelming and the satisfaction of crossing things of my list is unparalleled.
  • Don’t be a spectator in your own life be active be present by the main character even though you’re going through your chores.

I’m not telling you to stop everything, let all the balls fall to the floor, or start running. I need to emphasize this point and make sure that it’s perfectly clear. What I want is to empower you to figure out what you want and make sure that you are working towards or at least figuring out the steps you have to take to achieve it.

When you prioritize yourself, you give yourself the possibility to thrive!





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