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As creatives we tend to be on the never-ending search for inspiration to fuel that spark that moves us to actually create. We all get inspired by different things and at different moments but that feeling of something going off that pushes us to start creating is unbeatable.

I look for inspiration for three main areas of my work: the creative design side of things, the organizational type-A list building side, and the entrepreneurial side.

I want you to leave this post understanding that it’s a normal part of the creative process to need that inspiration to create, and it’s great if you find the activities that are able to give you the inspiration you crave.

The perfect project is the result of the evolution of a group of ideas, so once you have that initial spark get working on it, it will evolve and transform into the project that you want.

A huge part of my inspiration comes from collaboration, we all have different views and ways of doing things. Asking for feedback or looking at how others have solved problems can inspire me in such a big way.

Make sure you keep on reading so that you can see what I have decided to put together that is going to be a great tool for all of us.

Here are some of my favorite sources of inspiration.


Spontaneous ideas come to me while driving, YES you read that right, I don’t know why maybe it’s just the silence in one of the few me moments I get during the day that allows me to really think through things and BOOM an idea strikes.

This is the moment were Siri is my best friend, I’ve learned to immediately – YES IMMEDIATELY – dictate a note to Siri with my idea so that it isn’t lost. We juggle soooo many hats that it’s very probable that if we don’t write it down in the exact moment we think of it we will lose it.

When I’m feeling stuck or when I simply just want to trigger that creative thinking nothing puts me in design mode more than browsing through Pinterest and Houzz.

There are thousands of design blogs, design magazines, design related sites, etc. but the emphasis on the visual elements of these platforms hits the right nerve for me.


I’ve been on Pinterest for a really long time, just quietly pinning away spaces that inspire me all in different styles. I’ve managed to gather over ten thousand pins without even noticing it.

This has managed to become my go to source of inspiration when I’m feeling stuck or on a slump. Because not only am I able to browse through the pins I have saved, I can search for specific design elements or trends, I can save them to private or public boards that is a time saver when I want to refer back to something I saw.

Her is just a snapshot of the platform if by any chance you aren’t familiar with it

INTERIOR CRAVINGS search for design inspiration pinterest

And if you aren’t following me already here is the link to my profile.


Another great source of design inspiration. You are able to go browse through endless pictures of interiors and of architecture.

One of the best features Houzz has is the ability to tag elements in the pictures so that you can go directly to the source and that you can ask questions in the comments regarding the design. The community and sometimes the architect, designer, or builder are often the ones who answer the questions you may have.

INTERIOR CRAVINGS search for design inspiration houzz

The sense of collaboration and community you get in the comments is one of my favorite elements.

I wanted to create an easier platform for collaboration that isn’t filled with spam so that we can all collaborate as a community of design lovers, I’m getting ahead of myself, you will have to keep reading…




My house isn’t organized, my car isn’t organized, my kid’s toys aren’t organized, my pantry isn’t organized, my closet isn’t organized, you get the idea right? But you know what is organized? My work, my processes, and my to do lists.

I’m such a huge list maker and I believe in processes. They have had a huge impact not only in the way that I do my work but on how I manage my time.

Juggling the interior design clients with being a mom to three boys who are five and under isn’t an easy task so I have to make sure to have everything written down.


I use an adapted version of a bullet journal. I’ve tried every single app out there and there is nothing like the satisfaction I get from putting that check inside the box if my notebook.

My journal resides in a Mead notebook that I buy again and again, every time I see one I get one for backup. The notebook is just the right size and it fits in my bags and isn’t a pain to carry around, also the lines have a good height and I like the paper. Yes, I know, I’m one of those people who obsesses over notebooks, stationary, and pens.

If you want to read more about the bullet journal and how to set one up, the bullet journal site is a great place to get started because you can find ideas on what and how to track your to do’s.

The getting started page is a great reference point no matter how new you are to bullet journals, in the end just make sure you adapt it to your needs.

INTERIOR CRAVINGS search for organizational inspiration bullet journal


Kara Benz is the artist, yes that is right, behind Boho Berry. Her website is filled with blog posts regarding her bullet journal style. I first stumbled with her journals on you tube, there is a huge planner community that you can get completely lost in and find yourself binge watching video after video.

Her Instagram is the perfect way to get that quick fix of inspiration because it’s all about her journals, they are the perfect mix of organization, tracking and art.

interior cravings search for organizational inspiration bullet journal with art incorporated

Her work is simply stunning and you can get tons of ideas of trackers, challenges, and systems to inspire your bullet journal creation and help you find your style.




Approximately seven years ago I decided to leave my nine to five and start my own interior design practice. Once I took the leap there was no going back, my family growing and me being able to work and also be present for them is priceless.

Last year I started to visualize ways I could impact more people with my work, that is when Interior Cravings was born, I decided to start with the blog while I develop and refine the tools that I want to give you to make your house a home.

Making it easy for you to incorporate design into your lives, and achieve spaces that have a positive impact on your lives is what I’m working on.


I don’t even know how I even found out about Marie Forleo but she offers so much good advice on her blog that you must check it out if you haven’t. She has some great business content and also personal posts, in the end it’s all about having that balance and that is what I love about here.

She recently came out with a podcast that is full of information.

Speaking of podcasts, I’m addicted, and that brings me to my next category!


Now that I’m on this journey of scaling Interior Cravings into a resource of design knowledge, tips, tools, and inspiration for you guys I’ve found so much information on the following podcasts, they have invaluable content so make sure to check them out:


Make sure to check them out if you are thinking of building an online business because they put so much knowledge out there for us all.

INTERIOR CRAVINGS search for business inspiration podcasts


The business related Facebook groups have had such a positive impact on how I am building my online business and even on my physical business that I have been on the search for something similar in interior design.

This search has only led me to spam filled groups where only products for sale are being shared and no real design dilemmas, questions or even inspiration is being shared.

That’s why I have decided to put together a Facebook group in which we can all post about the projects we are working on, design questions or frustrations you may have, and/or simply share projects that inspire you.

FG group banner

The group is called Interior Design Cravings and I would love for you to join me, I will be creating freebies and content that are ONLY going to be available to the Facebook group so make sure to join me.

Just click the banner above and yo will be taken straight to the group so that you can join us! Hoping to see you there =)

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