wentworth by sophie paterson interiors

Wentworth by Sophie Paterson, is a stunning 10,000 square foot house designed by Sophie Paterson Interiors. The color palette is the reason why I chose to feature this property: the color palette chosen is composed predominantly by greys and a more traditional/contemporary look than what you are used to seen in my blog.

I enjoy mixing styles in my designs, and really have no problem working with different styles according to my client’s needs and/or requests. The same principles of scale, texture, color palette, and balance apply in all of the styles; it’s just a matter of finding the right combination of elements.

The entryway leads to an open floor area which was segmented by the use of screens and well thought out furniture placement. As you can see from the colors used for furniture and walls, the neutral greys chosen still manage to feel warm because of the undertones of the greys.

wentworth by sophie paterson-interior-design-sitting-area-2

wentworth by sophie paterson-interior-design-sitting-area

wentworth by sophie paterson-interior-design-living-room

wentworth by sophie paterson-interior-design-living-room-2

The office with its custom made cabinetry and furniture also feels warm and inviting, even though it works with a completely different color scheme as the living room area. The placement of lights in the cabinetry accentuates the elements in them and also adds to the warmth of the space.

wentworth by sophie paterson-interior-design-office

The kitchen dining area is another space I felt was worth mentioning because design wise it makes the most of the space available for the table and still manages to feel detached from the kitchen.

wentworth by sophie paterson-interior-design-kitchen-dining-table

The master bedroom and main bathroom maintain the grey color scheme used throughout the house, but in different hues.

wentworth by sophie paterson-interior-design-bedroom-sitting-area

wentworth by sophie paterson-interior-design-bathroom

wentworth by sophie paterson-interior-design-bathroom-2

There are two things you should take from this post: first, neutral doesn’t mean plain, simply or boring. You can achieve a neutral look to your house by keeping elements inside the same color family, that doesn’t exclude dark colors. And second, grey can have a warmth to it, it all depends on the undertones.

If you want to see more pictures of this stunning house, you can find more here.

Let me know if you like it!


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interior cravings wentworh grey bathroom by sohpie patterson interior design
interior cravings wentworh neutral contemporary living room by sohpie patterson interior design




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